A New & Unique Way To Bond With Your Child: An art of zen and tangle – Zentangle

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Been meaning to write about this two weeks ago and also update my blog that seems to be growing spider webs lol! Business had been busy and kiddo wasn’t well at the same time 🙁

Have you guys heard of Zentangle before? I was fortunate enough to be invited to attend a Zentangle workshop by the people from KetchUp (a social community platform) and it was held in a charming little cafe in Bangsar called Tedboy Bakery. The “Parenting with Zentangle” workshop was conducted by Miss Ivy Ong, a certified Zentangle teacher from Ivy Zentangle Art.






What is a Zentangle? Zentangle is an easy to learn, fun and relaxing way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. We designers normally just call this doodles. I didn’t even know there’s a name for it and I know now!


Tangling is like having “mental yoga”. Anyone who can hold a pen can tangle! I’m not good at drawing (I was a digital designer) and have always wondered how this was done and I thought it was hard but it was really easy! Zentangle is so easy to pick-up, you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to produce your own masterpiece!


We drew a heart shape and divided it into 4 different sections and then we started tangling away. The first tangle was the crescent moon, which eventually became what I thought looks like worms haha! Then we went on with our next tangle called Knightsbridge, tripple and printemps (lollipops!). We then coloured the shapes that we have drawn.



The whole time that I was drawing with Mika right next to me drawing on his own paper, I was amazed by how “zen” it all felt. We were really into it and enjoying the whole process. The whole cafe seems quiet too with kids asking their parents what colour should they choose and if what they’re doing is correct. It’s amazing seeing how both parents and children bond through art like Zentangle. It’s certainly helpful that it was also held in a small charming cafe like Tedboy Bakery.

Zentangle is not solely a drawing technique, but is also a daily practice of Zen. It helps to relieve stress, achieve peacefulness, happiness and unleash your creativity. Try it with your children and see how it works. It’s certainly a good parent-child bonding time, away from technology and screens that has became all too normal for our generation now.



At the end of the workshop we had all our pretty artworks laid together on the table for a group shot. I hoped Miss Ivy wasn’t too disappointed with our artworks haha! After the great Zentangle session, I made a takeaway order of Chicken Avocado Sandwich, Club Sandwich (for the husband), and Mac & Cheese (for the boys). I liked their Chicken Avocado Sandwich! It was pretty yummy. This cafe is now in my list of cafes to go in Bangsar. Before we left, I had a short chat with Edward and Patrina, the founders of Tedboy Bakery. They’re such an amazing couple! Knowing the story of how Tedboy Bakery came about makes you want to come here more. Tedboy doesn’t use preservatives in their bread and all unsold breads are donated to charity on a daily basis!


Do check out Zentangle classes for yourself and your children at Ivy’s Zentangle Art if you’re interested to learn more about Zentangle… Or just hang out in Tedboy Bakery with your kids for a nice cuppa and sandwiches as the cafe also has a play area for young children.



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